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We are Movers

A community of serial creators, entrepreneurs and business designers

is a collective of business professionals with broad expertise around the business creation process:  from the early stages of business planning, modelling, and financial forecasting to the formation and the go to market.

What we do

L-Move enables you to showcase the best of your business idea to investors, clients and to your team. A tailored toolkit that includes:

Feasibility analysis
Business Model structuring
Operating Model structuring
Business Plan

You need to know where to focus

We start conducting a market and economic feasibility study of your business idea, by highlighting  any key successfailure indicator.

How to create value

We craft a business model with the macro-components of an operating business: Revenue stream, Pricing Model, Cost stream, Partners, Channels, Clients, Value Proposition, Key Activities and Resources.  Along that, will be identified any potential competitor or peer.

Success means execution

We analyze the main components of your business operating model (processes, organizational structure, location, IT, suppliers and managerial system) with reference to the market best practices.

A dream without a plan is just a wish” is our motto

Business Plan creation including the following area of analysis: Market & Competitors; Marketing and Go-to-Market-Strategy, Operational and Organizational Model, SWOT, Financial and Economics.

What we do

These are samples of some of  the models we use in our workshops. At the very beginning of every project, we carefully select those that might fulfill a specific need, investigate hidden areas, or simply generate new ideas. The result is we never follow a one-fits-all approach.

VSMV Pyramid
Value proposition canvas

Our beliefs

"Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things."

- Theodore Levitt

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