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As a member of our community you will be allowed to join the Iperuranio platform. You will be able to post your business ideas to receive feedback and find a team. On the other hand if you don’t yet have an idea you will be able to browse among ideas already posted, get inspired, give feedback and apply to join a team to bring that idea to life!

Connect with professionals.

Share your ideas in a protected environment.

Put your skills at the disposal of the community.

Build your dream team for the implementation of your ideas.

This is how it works:

Submit your request with a brief statement about yourself.

The managing team rapidly evaluates your profile.

Once accepted, you receive an email with your credentials to join Iperuranio.

Congratulations, you are officially a member of our community!

Our top concern is to guarantee the protection of the ideas shared on our platform.

This is why they are safe:

L-move is a preselected community. Only professionals who have been approved can see the information shared on the platform; we want to make sure that we are only connecting people with powerful skills and shared values.
As a mover you have to accept the member’s agreement, which defines the values of the community and our responsibilities as movers. Remember that a mover shall never make improper use of the information obtained on Iperuranio.
The L-move legal team will create for you a free NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) once you create your team. This legally protects the content of your idea.
We will provide you with a guide that explains how to initially describe your ideas on the Iperuranio platform, without disclosing too much.
Do not forget: a good idea is a good first step to achieve your goal, but its implementation is what makes the difference; and that comes only when you start working as a team.

Members Agreement

By signing in to Iperuranio, the community member (called Mover) accepts to respect and comply with the following rules:
keyboard_arrow_right respect for the L-Move Community's members, investors, clients, co-operators (internal and external) and any related person to L-Move. 
keyboard_arrow_rightthe information provided to L-Move, inside and outside the Iperuranio platform, shall be truthful;
keyboard_arrow_rightif Users accept to co-operate on a specific project, it is mandatory to co-operate, unless a justifiable hindrance;
keyboard_arrow_right when Movers are selected for a specific project, the admission may be subject to a signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), if requested. The signature, when requested, is mandatory, otherwise you will not able to take part in the project.

For the benefit of the entire community, and to maintain a friendly, productive and cooperative work environment, the account of a User who has committed the breach of one or more of the above mentioned rules will be deleted.


Send us a brief introduction of yourself and after a short evaluation, we will contact you to give you the credentials of your account.