Who We Are

We are professionals, enterpreneurs, but most importantly we are all Movers.

L-Move is a collective of business professionals with experience in all facets of the business development process – from the early stages of planning, modelling, and forecasting to the eventual formation and marketing of your business.

We are committed to build a global community to help entrepreneurs structure and develop their business ideas.

Have you ever given up on pursuing a business idea only because you couldn’t develop it on your own? Don’t let that stop you anymore.

Why We Do It

At L-Move you will have access to the guidance, strategic insight and planning necessary to take your business from an idea to a reality, and also be able to give your business the structure, development and real-world implementation it needs to truly start growing.
We believe in innovation as a source of economic, human and social development. Knowledge and information are key factors in order to structure your plans and ideas so as to make them reality.

How We Do It

L-Move leverages the experience and talents of its professional community to suit the specific needs of your business. By personally selecting the professionals that will be handling your business needs, L-Move ensures that those with the right set of unique skills are involved with your unique idea.