Looking For An Idea

Find the right business project and you put your skills at its disposal.
We have developed L-Move, an innovative platform where you can create your profile, look for or put forward ideas and business projects, network with other members (called Movers) and team-up with the ideas creators; this process takes place in a safe and protected environment, full of people who share common values: innovation, passion and commitment.

To navigate through the ideas on L-Move platform you have to join the community which has been created to help people willing to put their skills and competences at disposal of startups and business projects.

How it works

Receive access key to the L-Move platform

Sign in and create your account

Find the right business ideas for and apply to become part of the team

a preselected community

Only professionals, startups and business project creators who have been admitted to the community are allowed to see your L-Move profile (yes, this mean your boss won’t see you).
We want you to build your network and interact with people who really share your same mindset, values and aspirations. Moreover, we want you to share your real interests: tell the community on what kind of projects you would like to work and what is it that you would really want to see and do.

Get Started

Now that you know what we do, we invite you to start innovating with the L-Move community.
Your unique skills give you unique value.

Need additional help?

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