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L-Move connects your idea to a community of preselected professionals.

One of the main reason why very few people become successful entrepreneurs is that there are lots of ideas that never see the light of the day; this happens because those who come up with ideas do not find the right way to implement them when facing the challenges of the real world.

The most important consideration to make is that there is an incredible number of professionals that would like to put their skills and experience at use, but not enough concrete opportunities to immediately start working on a Business idea reach out to them.

This is why we are here.

We, the community, feed innovation by helping ideas owners Ideators find the right team with the right combination of unique skills.
How we do it? By expanding our community network, selecting the best brains and protecting all the information shared within the platform.
This has a name: L-Move.

The process: I have an idea, what do I do?

First of all you need to become a member of the L-Move community and create an account on L-Move. Because one of the top priorities of L-Move is to guarantee the quality and privacy of its community, we ask you to briefly introduce yourself. After the profile assessment we will send you the access key which will allow you to sign in and create your personal profile, post your ideas on the L-Move platform and network with the community members, the Movers.

Receive access key to the L-Move platform

Create your account

Post your idea within the platform and find your dream team


Data and ideas protection is our main concern.

This is how we guarantee it:

a. L-Move is a preselected community. Only professionals who have been admitted can see the information shared on the platform; we want to make sure that we are only connecting people with strong shared values and powerful skills.

b. As a mover you have to accept the community regulation which clearly defines our responsibilities as movers and the values of the community. Remember that a mover shall never make improper use of the information obtained on the L-Move.

c. The L-Move legal advising team will create for you a free NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) contract once you create your team. This legally protects the content of your idea.

d. We will provide you with a guide that will show you how to describe your ideas on the L-Move platform, without sharing too much information.

e. Do not forget: a good idea is a good first step to achieve your goal, but it’s implementation what makes the difference, and that comes when you start working as a team.

L-Move invites you to think differently, sharing your ideas will give you the chance to find the right team that will match your needs and help you with the implementation of your business project.

Get Started:

Now that you know what we do, we invite you to join the community and start innovating with the L-Move community.

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