Frequently Asked Questions

How do we protect your idea?

  • We do it following a multiple check system:
    1) First of all, not everybody is allowed to join the community. We scrutiny every single member before they are allowed to join.
    2) A prospective community member is required to accept the “L-Move regulation” where it is specified that any information obtained through L-Move is confidential and cannot be disclosed.
    3) Once a team is created we provide you with a precompiled Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which is a legally binding document that protects your idea.
    4) The initial description of your idea won’t have to be outlined in every detail, we will provide you with a guideline to present your idea (link) in case you will need it.
    5) The implementation of your idea is the most sensible part, and we operate with extreme discretion.

How do you select the members of the community?

  • Members are preselected, not everybody is allowed to join. You need the following characteristics:

    - Having sound professional experience, commensurate with your age.
    - Proven skills in your area of competence.
    - Having an entrepreneurial mindset and being a “promoter of innovation”.
    - Reliability and commitment towards the community.
    - Willingness to meet and interact with likeminded people.

What is a Non Disclosure Agreement?

  • A Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties which aims at keeping the information shared by the parties reserved. Furthermore it assures that the specified information is used only for purposes agreed by the parties. This assures the protection of the idea.
    In case of breach of the agreement, the non breaching party is protected by both a clause written in the agreement and, in case of damage, it can raise a claim before national courts.

What is the L-move regulation?

  • The L-Move regulation is an agreement aimed at protecting the members of the community (professionals and ideas owners), and if not respected will lead to the exclusion from the community of L-move. The regulation is aimed at guaranteeing the quality and trustworthiness of the content on the website. The managing team will ensure the respect of the code.

What is the L-Move?

  • It is an online platform, a wonder-wall, where the idea’s owner can post the idea and give a description of it, as well as present the vision of the project. The platform analyzes the skills needed to implement the idea, and automatically identifies the professionals with the right skills to implement it. The idea owner and the selected professionals are immediately notified.

Why should I post my idea on L-Move?

  • L-Move is a useful tool to find people interested in your idea, as well as get rapid feedback on it. After you submit your idea it will be easy for you to find members to form a team. Likewise, professionals will be able to apply to join your team.

Why create a team with L-move?

  • This is going to be the quickest way for you to get what you want: people to help you with your project.
    In addition you will be offered:

    - The L-move managing team at your disposal.
    - Protection of your idea thanks to a legally binding NDA.
    - 30% discount on L-Move business services.
    - Your idea will grow in visibility among our partners (link pg partners).
    - Your idea could be offered to investors.

How are we different from Linkedin and

  • The L-Move community follows a totally different vision:

    1) We are a preselected community of professionals, which have been approved by the managing team.
    2) We support businesses from the ideation phase, before a startup is already in place.
    3) We promote networking among members. The first step is to become a mover online, the next one is to meet in person. L-Move promotes social events to get movers to know each other.
    4) Your boss won’t see you, you can share freely your interests and passions, only the community members will be able to see your profile.
    5) There are many creative minds in the community, people with mutual passion for business and innovation. You can leave your tie at home.

What about the costs?

  • There are no costs to join the community: neither to post your idea nor to become a mover. For the costs of additional services offered by L-move, such as business planning, marketing planning and legal support check the pricing list.

Where are we based?

  • Our home office is in Milan (Italy).

I would like to meet you first 

  • Fair enough, in fact this is something we encourage. We believe that meeting each other in person fosters the sense of community we are building. If you are interested in such a meeting it would be a pleasure for us to schedule one, or set up a Skype videocall. Contact us.

How long is it going to take for someone to get interested in my idea?

  • The answer is simple: it depends on the quality and the presentation of it. The better details you give, the higher the chance to be contacted. If you are finding difficulties contact us and we will immediately help you improve the presentation of your idea.

What about the timing of additional services?

  • The time needed to develop your business plan depends on the size of your project, the availability of the information required and your commitment in giving us the best feedback possible. Nevertheless, we guarantee a maximum period of 40 working days.